About us

We are a not-for-profit co-operative company limited by guarantee (company no: 9119085)
Our objectives are:

To enhance local people’s relationship with the natural world, simultaneously developing their personal and social skills and awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability; to offer a range of challenges, activities games and tasks to build self-esteem, emotional literacy and social skills outdoors; to nurture a love of the natural environment in people, encouraging them to respect and protect the natural spaces within our local community; to make our services accessible and affordable; to improve community cohesion by working across generations and integrating people from different backgrounds in our programmes. 

Shared Earth Learning has three directors, Alex Hart, Helen Moore & Alyson Evans.
Alex  & Alyson are the main service provider working with other Co-op members  and volunteers, Charly Le Marchant Jenny and Emily and other collaborators.

About us:

The Shared Earth Learning Cooperative evolved out of collaboration between Alex Hart and Helen Moore. Since 2014 it has been constituted as a Not-For-Profit Business and run as a co-operative.  It is supported by Chris Smaje and Cordelia Rowlatt who own and farm the Vallis Veg site on the outskirts of Frome, where the group is based.  (For more details, visit www.vallisveg.co.uk )

Alex Hart: I have been working with young people in and out of schools since 1999. I qualified as a teacher in 2002 teaching English literature, language and English as a second/foreign language, but finding that most children and young people are more relaxed outside than in, and struggling to get them outside at mainstream schools I began Forest school training with Archimedes and gained my Forest school leadership qualification in Spring 2011. I now happily work as a forest school leader in a variety of diverse settings and schools.

Alyson Evans:
Alyson initially qualified as a DT teacher and has worked in secondary schools both in Somerset and London for the last 23 years. She has always loved the great outdoors and enjoyed sharing this love with her students. She has run Duke of Edinburgh award expeditions and is a qualified DofE assessor. A number of years ago she started teaching Horticulture alongside DT and has successfully delivered the City & Guilds course to students for the past 5 years with an impressive 100% pass rate. 
Alyson has recently trained as a Forest School leader and is looking forward to merging both old and new skills through a Forest School environment.

Charly Le Marchant:
Charly is a level three trained Forest school practitioner who comes from an off-grid, permaculture background. She is a beekeeper, and before she moved to Frome, lived in a yurt she built herself. She has a passion for learning about and using wild and natural materials, whether that is for food, fire or shelter and loves to share what she has learnt with others, especially young ones." I love the way that fire, song and story in forest school sessions can really hold a child's attention. I really like that forest school creates a safe container to allow children to enjoy the woodland in a free and relaxed way and also how the setting provides diverse materials for craft and play throughout the changing seasons." Charly is currently running Shared Earths Under 7 parent and child sessions and is also available for parties and team building groups.

Helen Moore: I am also a professional eco-poet, children's author and community artist. In 2009 I won a Millennium Award to do my Forest School Levels 2 & 3 training and to set up Wood Dragons, which became a successful weekly group on a site near Bath.  I love working with children, young people and adults outdoors, and learn lots from watching and listening to them in action.


  1. This looks really fabulous, and necessary for all children really, especially now. What a great way to learn!

    My own children went to Woodcraft Folk, which was started by the co-operative movement early in the last century. In Canada, where my son now lives (and where I went to a camp based on the lore of First Nation people), they now have wilderness survivor schools.

    Given my Canadian experience, I've long been frustrated coming back here, by the lack of involvement in active learning and immersion in countryside, woods, and forests that Canadian children have as their right. At a very primitive level it shows up in the litter everywhere in the UK, whereas Canada is clean because children are taught that litter can mean death and the wilderness should be honoured.

    This seems like the right way to follow on from earlier experience, and I like the way it caters for all ages and abilities. Really exciting and important. I wish I were young enough to attend!!

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  3. Dear Alex,

    Are you Alex Hart who teached at Einstein Lyceum in Hoogvliet, The Netherlands from 2004 to 2008? If so, I was one of your students. Maybe you remember me. I'm really curious how you are doing now. My e-mail is suus1919@hotmail.com