26 Oct 2016

Magical Play Forest School October Half-Term

Purple Jellydisc - Ascocoryne sarcoides
Steve, our fabulous Holiday Co-leader

four faced pumpkin

part of the Quest - clearly impressed!
Slug Top Trumps

4 Jul 2016


Two full days of Shared Earth Learning Forest school this summer, just near the end of the holidays with an opportunity to camp, with you - grown-up person you - too at Vallis Veg together on the night of Wednesday the 26th of August .

12 Jun 2016

Nettle string and all things nettles in Welshmill woods; Our last session of Last tree Dreaming family Forest schools.

8 Apr 2016

Easter Holidays FS

Smell the Garlic!

this log just HAS to be climbed on

This went into our wild garlic pasta

29 Feb 2016

Wet, but fun

It didn't stop raining all day, but we were all proud to be part of the exclusive 'we spent all day outside when most of you were inside' club.

25 Feb 2016

February half-term activities 2016

Building stick towers with children from the Mount community

A wet day at Vallis... but still the children liked practising balancing skills!

Making a cosy den out of the rain

Enjoying our wild garlic soup