5 Jan 2020

hey, look, we're in the Mendip Times:


Planting for the future

A BLEAK stretch of the East Mendip Way at Frome is being
transformed by a hedge planting project being led by an
outdoor learning co-operative.
Thanks to a donation of 500 saplings, Shared Earth
Learning and passers-by have begun the task of planting the
route at Vallis Vale with hawthorn, hazel, rowan and field
maple, amongst other species.
Shared Earth Learning works at the Vallis Veg site, 18-acres
of agro-ecological land, farmed as a market garden. The cooperative’s
main objective is to: “enhance local people’s
relationship with the natural world” running a forest school,
workshops and therapeutic horticulture sessions.
Alex Hart, from SEL, said: “At long last, things have fallen
into place: permission from the farmer, provision of baby
trees and access to tools and volunteers and so planting began
this November, and will continue next March and on until the
whole stretch has been planted with sapling hawthorn, rowan,
hazel and field maple and yet more native whips (tree
seedlings) will arrive in 2020 from the Woodland Trust.
“For years it has been imagined how much shelter a hedge
could provide for wildlife and walkers alike and finally the
work can begin. It could take years, but how beautiful and
beneficial it will be!”