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Shared Earth Learning run whole days of Forest School during most school holidays. Send us an email and we'll add you to our mailing list so you'll be one of the first to know (they book up fast). 

Tuesdays, 10.15 - 12.30 during term-time. contact: 'sharedearthfamilies@gmail.com'

We love providing activities for children at community events and festivals. Get in touch to discuss your needs and wants.

Every other Friday on the green near the Key-centre at The Mount, Frome. Free, facilitated outdoor play. 

We work wherever outdoor education is needed.
An occasional event, for adults as well as children.
See separate tab 'SELGrow' for more information.

Tailor made for you and your children. Get in touch to discuss your wants and needs.

More details about our Forest school.....and what to expect....

Our Forest School is for children of all ages and abilities. It builds on a child’s innate motivation and positive attitude to learning. One of the benefits of Forest School is the high adult/pupil ratio, which encourages an attitude of shared enquiry and enjoyment of the natural world. Children are encouraged to explore and appreciate their environment, enabling them to think creatively and confidently. Forest School is child-led with opportunities to take risks, make choices and initiate learning for themselves, providing a chance to discover their abilities without fear of failure or criticism.


Forest School is an inspirational process which offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on experiences outdoors.  Shared Earth Learning aims to nurture a love of the natural environment in all children.

Benefits for children attending Forest School (ref: Archimedes Forest Schools manual)

·                     builds self confidence and self-esteem

·                     combines freedom with responsibility
·                     enables chance to experience the changing seasons and all weathers
·                     means participants can discover their abilities without fear of failure or criticism
·                     develops innate curiosity and motivation to learn
·                     helps children to understand, appreciate and care for the natural environment
·                     promotes children’s well-being and enjoyment of life

Experiences the children may be involved in while at Shared Earth Learning Forest School (ref: our experience):
·                     exploring Frome’s countryside
·                     making campfires, cooking and charcoal making 
·                     creating things with natural materials
·                     building dens
·                     story-telling and quests
·                     environmental games
·                     trails and tracking
·                     simple tool use and green wood-working
·                     observational skills for natural history identification and drawing
·                     allotment skills and permaculture inspired growing

Typical skills a child may acquire at Forest School
·                     To light and manage a fire, including gathering kindling and suitably dry wood.
·                     To work safely with the fire.
·                     To move confidently and safely in an outdoor environment and to develop sound           navigational skills.
·                     Basic food hygiene and cooking of a limited range of foods.
·                     Learning the natural processes of growth, maturity and decay in woodlands. To   identify and utilise materials that are useful, whilst using wood in a sustainable way.
·                     The safe use of a range of tools - from penknife to bow saw.
·                     To construct a range of useful products from natural materials - anything from a toasting fork to a rainproof shelter.
·                     To carry a stick safely and be aware of who is around them
·                     To take responsibility for each other and themselves and follow routines for keeping      safe
·                     To be able to articulate their feelings about the aesthetics of the woodland space          and to make things with natural material which are complimentary to the woodland       space.
·                     To evaluate the long-term impact of their activities and identifying how others might     benefit from their contributions to the natural environment.

The cost of a full day session is £20, £28, or £35 per child depending on your income. 
Spoon-carving is a half-day session costing £15 per person.

Payment in full is required to secure your child/ren’s place/s, which are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.
Please note our cancellation policy: full refunds can only be offered up to a week before the session/s begin/s; with any less notice, we will only be able to reimburse half the monies paid. We reserve the right to cancel a session at short notice (on the day in the event of severe weather) in which case we will fully refund all monies paid.

Any queries please call 01373 228573 or email sharedearthlearning@gmail.com

What to wear
We recommend that everyone, children and adults, wears clothes that don’t matter, trousers and long sleeved tops to protect arms and legs, sturdy boots or wellies, and a waterproof coat and trousers - depending on the weather of course. In cold weather please wear thick socks or 2 pairs, and hats and gloves. In hot weather please apply sun-block at home and bring a sun hat. It is a good idea to provide spare socks, pants and trousers as getting wet or muddy is highly possible. A carrier bag to put wet things in on the way home could also be useful.

Children and adults are requested to bring a packed lunch, drink, and morning snacks in a rucksack that your child can easily carry ready for adventures. You are welcome to bring food to cook on the fire but in the interests of food safety, we would like any meat products to be pre-cooked at home for warming over the fire. 

Vallis Veg
Shared Earth Learning Forest School is situated on this eighteen acre organic farm near to Vallis Vale. Grid ref: ST 761488, about 200m from the western edge of Frome

Directions: Where to park/How to find us 
We meet at Wallington way - BA11 3NF. (Leaving Frome towards Radstock – on the Vallis Road (A362) you will pass a purple house on your right opposite a small roundabout leading to a newish housing estate: Wallington Way.) Park/lock bike on Wallington Way where someone from Shared Earth Learning will meet you by the metal gate at the entrance to fields (marked as a public footpath the East Mendip Way). We will walk the children to the site and then back to the gate at the end of the day. 
Shared Earth Learning's Forest School is situated at Vallis veg, an eighteen acre organic farm near to Vallis Vale. Grid ref: ST 761488, about 200m from the western edge of Frome
To get to the site follow the public footpath public footpath  - the East Mendip Way - across the fields to another metal gate (with a kissing gate), turn right, walk through the trees and past the allotments down the hill towards the poly-tunnels and turn left. We are based in the A-frame which is just off the track.
We encourage lift-sharing/walking/cycling…..
Please note that Vallis Veg (who are not Vallis Farm) actively discourage driving on to their site for both environmental and neighbour reasons.
Please tell us if you would like to lift-share with other parents to Wallington way and are happy for us to share your details, or if you have mobility issues as these can be accommodated.

All our sessions are run by qualified Forest School leaders who are DBS checked, First Aid trained and insured (as Outdoor activity instructors liability up to £5,000,000).

Contact details

Alex: 01373 228573 / 07547708288

Shared Earth Learning,
c/o 16 Woodland Road
Frome, BA11 1LE.

For more info and booking forms contact: sharedearthlearning@gmail.com

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