6 Nov 2011

First Fundraising Initiative at Wheeler Dealers, Nov 5th 2011

On Saturday Alex and Helen kick-started fundraising for Shared Earth Learning Forest School, bringing their bicycles, panniers and and a trailer laden with items to sell at Wheeler Dealers, a car boot sale on bikes at the Silk Mill, Frome.  It was a great opportunity to talk to local people about what we're doing, as well as to raise a small sum which will go towards buying equipment and resources for use with the children, and begin a bursary to support families on low incomes who'd like their children to attend.  Big thanks to Susannah and Bliss who came along to help out.  A great start, and we look forward to seeing more initiatives happening in the future!

8 Sep 2011

Visit the Beautiful Forest school site.

If you are curious as to where all this fun learning is going to take place, come and have a look this SUNDAY the 18TH SEPTEMBER when the owners of the land 'Vallis Veg'  are holding an open day. We'll be there too, so you can meet us and we can answer any of your questions and even enroll your offspring.
Join us round the campfire from 3pm: http://www.vallisveg.co.uk

Directions: walk down footpath from Ley Vale Estate/Wallington Way on Radstock side of town towards Vallis Vale. Vallis veg is the second field you come to, through the kssing gate by the hawthorn hedge, old horsechestnut tree and newly planted trees. Turn right through the new trees, past the allotments and down the hill where, all being well, you will see the polytunnels and market garden.

17 Aug 2011

What is flexi-schooling?

Flexi-schooling describes an arrangement between the parent and the school, in which the child is registered at the school but attends it part-time. The rest of the time, the child is educated at home.
This can be a long-term arrangement or a short-term measure for a particular reason.
To arrange flexi-schooling, the parent needs to make a proposal to the headteacher. It is the headteacher who decides whether to allow the arrangement.
In coming to a decision, the headteacher would normally consult the school’s senior staff, the governors and the local authority, though this is not mandatory."


"Many schools are unaware that flexi-schooling is an option. They often don't hear about it unless parents request it, and are then hesitant to agree. One common misconception is that local authorities will disapprove, although they have no power to decide – it is the head teacher's decision. There can be concern that the school's global absence scores will suffer, but if the child is registered as "educated offsite" rather than absent, for home-based sessions, this will not be an issue. Another worry is the absence of flexi-pupils during SATs, although parents normally agree to suspend the part-time arrangement while they are on, letting children sit them. In most cases, though, schools are doubtful simply because the arrangement is unusual and outside most teachers' experience." (ref: The Independant 2010)

9 Aug 2011

Shared Earth Learning Forest School to be based at Vallis Veg

Alex and I are delighted to announce that our Forest School group will be based at Vallis Veg, thanks to Chris and Cordelia's enthusiasm and support for our project!  

5 Aug 2011

Shared Earth Learning Forest School starting September 2011!

Shared Earth Learning is pleased to announce the opening of a Frome-based, weekly Forest School starting, all being well, from mid September 2011.  Led by experienced Forest School leaders, and located within walking distance of the town centre, we hope to accommodate up to 12 children aged between 5 and 14 years old.  We will be charging £25 per day, with each day session likely to be from 9.30am-3pm; (we're provisionally looking at Tuesdays, but this is tbc.)

Nearly all the learning will take place out of doors, but shelter from the elements will be provided.

Please register your interest asap.  Send an email to Alex and Helen at sharedearthlearning@gmail.com with details of your child's name, age etc and we'll get back to you in the next few days with more details of what we'll be offering and how to enrol.