Hello, I just wanted to say how much B especially loved your Forest School. B is a complicated lovely little person and she has never been so animated by anything before - so a BIG thank you!
Do you have any spaces this Thursday? parent
Aug '17

Mine said they had a really great time! And want to know when they can go again!! parent Aug '17

Yes please – he loved it! parent Aug '17

That was fabulous! Thank you Alex & Alyson. F, L and A can't stop talking about it. We'll be back. And, we'll be back on Sunday for Finn to join the spoon carving. parent Aug '17

Thanks for a fab day! Kids loved it. Fast asleep already- must be shattered!! Xxx  parent Aug '17

Hello, Mxxx's mum here..just wanted to say thank you, Sue told me what a fantastic day he had today. Can't wait for him to come again next week! Thank you!  parent Aug '17

"He came back on a real high having made some new friends and he told me about lots of things he did.  This is so different to how he is about school where he doesn't tell us much.  Thank you so much.  Let us know about fifteen dates."  Ali. April 2017

"Thank you so much for today - she says really has had the best day ever (!) - and she's very honest about these things." April 2017

"It is so nice to get a glimpse of what the children were doing last week. They always seem to come home tired but grounded, energised and full of life! Thank you for making the outdoor a fun and exciting place to be!  
Josephine (parent)

“Elaeth has had a fantastic time with you guys and will have that to treasure always, so thanks once again. Best of luck for the future!” Louise (parent)

Thanks for a great time at Wood Dragons.  my favourite time was when I made a spoon.” Elaeth (aged 9)

“Dear Helen and Alex, thank you very much indeed for allowing me the opportunity to spend the morning with your lovely Wood Dragons. I really enjoyed myself, and I loved what you do. It was really inspiring and I felt so welcomed by you and the children. I did find it hard to tear myself away.”  Louise (head teacher)

“We still have your gardening gloves & Eva uses them when we plant our wheatgrass etc. She still talks about forest school & the things you taught her. It's amazing.” Laura (parent)

"My first visit and what an experience!  This is how I want my children’s first weeks at school to be.  Great environment, great people, great insight!” Brad (parent)

“I liked playing hide and seek and on the swing best, and painting and making things.” 
Mirelle (aged 5)

“In such a short time my daughter M has grown in confidence, going for walks too with Helen to hang bird food without me… This is really lovely and I’m really pleased.” 
Maria (parent)

“I like going for walks, making bows and arrows and getting to know everyone.” Gabriel (aged 6)

“Being in the wildflower meadow and seeing the bee orchids was like having our own private piece of heaven.” Tania (parent)

“First day for Fran, and we have been welcomed by everyone here, and by the wood, which provided us with blackberries, elderberries, and apples for a wonderful jam made on the fire.” Lucy (parent)

“I really, really liked whittling.” Oliver (aged 6)

“Wilf was in heaven… he loved the swing, the children, and the freedom.  He was very proud of his nettle string and the pleasure of the day lasted all week.” Sarah (parent)

“Water-fighting is one of my favourite things.  Making things too.” Misha (aged 5)

"Thomas loved it, and really wants to do it again!” Laura B (parent)

Since Neve has started Wood Dragons, we have noticed her growing confidence and how she is less shy with other adults now. It's such a shame that she will be stopping after Xmas as she loves going and it's her favourite thing all week!” Suzie & Richard (parents)

“Gabriel was thrilled to be shown how to whittle.  He spent time over the next few days whittling at a piece of wood and it was lovely for me to know that he knew how to do this safely, and to see how proud he was about it all!”  
Kate (parent)

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