31 Jul 2020

Outdoor wellbeing group open for new members

Shared Earth Learning Co-op has resumed their outdoor wellbeing group.
The group meets on Mondays from 11am to 3pm at Vallis Veg, a market garden
on the edge of Frome, and is open to new members.

Led by experienced facilitators, this supportive space for adults offers a range of
activities including growing edible produce, natural arts and crafts, practical skills,
campfire cooking, nature connection and mindfulness.

The group is free to attend, although if participants have personal budgets to support
their wellbeing activities, they are requested to use this to attend, as this sustains the
programme funding. The social enterprise, which receives grant-funding to support
the inclusivity of their service, provides all the tools and materials needed, plus some

All participants need to bring is a packed lunch and outdoor clothing. Reassuring
anyone who may be concerned about joining a group, programme leader and co-director,
Helen Moore, said:

“Being outdoors is generally acknowledged as being lower risk in terms of the spread
of Covid-19, and is highly beneficial for our wellbeing generally. And with health and
safety firmly in mind, we’ve made various adaptations to keep everyone safe, including
social distancing measures, extra hand-washing facilities and personalised hand-tools,
which are disinfected at the end of each session.”

The group is currently open to new members who would benefit from additional
support for their wellbeing. To find out more, contact Shared Earth Learning via
email or phone: sharedearthlearning@gmail.com or call: 07935068254